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High quality electroplating in Budapest.

A Cromkontakt Galvánipari Kft.profile includes decorative chroming, tin plating, nickel plating hanging technology and barrel nickel plating in immersion bells of brass, steel, iron, aluminium, zinc and zamak parts.

We recommend our copper-nickel-chrome solutionfor corrosion resistant applications..

The part receives a copper base coating, a nickel medium layer and a chrome top coating.

The surface treated objects have excellent resistance to corrosion, condensation and temperature fluctuation, while they retain their shiny, glossy appearance. The best choice for the appropriate long-term protection.

Do you want to keep your objects and parts shiny and stainless for a long time?

Choose electroplating.

Does the replacement of corroded parts cost you much?

Chroming and nickel plating technology solves your problems.

Are you looking for high quality electroplating in Budapest?

You are looking for us.

We know what you need is excellent quality. Send us your request for proposal.  

Contact us if you have further questions or ask for free consultation by email info@cromkontakt.hu