Chrome as coatingChroming on motor

Chrome is well known for its excellent properties whereby it has versatile applications and is ideal as protective and decorative coating. It is recommended for parts subject to strong corrosion, abrasion and wear. Chroming is used for steel and grey iron casting, but is also suitable for copper and aluminium alloys.

Benefits of chroming

  • Surfaces remain resistant in alkaline, acidic and saline environment
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Resistant to condensation and temperature fluctuation
  • Heat-proof
  • Hard surface finish

Types of chroming

There are two types of chroming: decorative and hard (industrial) chroming.

Decorative chroming is a process where a thin chromium top layer is applied to the nickel or copper-nickel base layer. Chrome plays a dual role here, because it does not only increase corrosion resistance, but prevents the matting of the nickel coating. The result is an attractive,
glossy finish resistant to outdoor temperature fluctuation and condensation. Decorative chroming is mainly used for bathroom equipment as well as car and motorbike parts.

We use decorative chroming

We use decorative chroming. The chrome (III) plating technology is environmentally friendly and contains no carcinogens. It grants more even coating and also fulfils the RoHS directives of the EU.

With hard chroming chrome coating is deposited directly on the mainly aluminium, steel or coloured metal parts. However, not all materials are suitable for successful hard chroming. Highly alloyed steel also falls into this category. Hard chroming is widely used for parts exposed to frequent wear and abrasion, press dies, injection moulds and cold forming tools.

Chroming methods

Chroming is carried out in hanging a process. In this process, the parts are clipped on or tied to the fixtures. The fixtures ensure stable hanging and good contact. We regularly maintain our fixtures to ensure a permanently attractive finish.

Part dimensions for chroming

Our baths are 800 mm long, 500 mm high and 250 mm wide. We developed our electroplating
tools to ensure easy handling and utilise the available space best to offer you a cost efficient

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