Tin plating

Professional tin plating for industrial applications

Tin plating

Tin plating is a procedure whereby a thin tin layer is deposited on the brass, iron, zamak or steel surface. The procedure provides favourable properties to tin plated workpieces.

Our excellent Schlötter tin bath and professional competence ensure that your pieces get the appropriate coating and you can be confident that your tin plated parts stand the test of time.

Industries benefiting from tin plating

Tin plating is the most prevalent in electronics, mechantronics, telecommunications and metal industry, but it is also frequently used for producing jewellery. Food industry equipment. It has recently entered various areas in solar energy applications.

The popularity of tin plating

It has multiple favourable effects and benefits, therefore, it can be an ideal solution for corrosion protection.

  • one of the most cost efficient procedures
  • tinned parts have excellent soldering capacities
  • environmentally friendly procedure
  • no known harmful effects on any living organism
  • provides appropriate anti-corrosion protection, preventing the oxidisation as time goes by
  • perfect for covering welding seams
  • excellent for masking the unevenness of car body

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Types of tin plating

Tin plating is available in both glossy and dull finish. The procedure can be both rack plating or barrel plating. Cromkontakt Kft. uses hanging process for tin plating.

Part dimensions for tin plating

Our baths are 800 mm long, 500 mm high and 250 mm wide. We developed our electroplating
tools to ensure easy handling and utilise the available space best to offer you a cost efficient

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