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István Béki executive director

István Béki,
executive director


Cromkontakt Galvánipari Kft. was established by István Béki and his partners in Budapest in 2004.

Our business profile includes decorative chroming, nickel electroplating, tin electroplating, and barrel nickel electroplating with immersion bells of aluminium, steel, brass, zinc and zamak products.

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Our mission is to electroplate in high quality, while paying special attention to the needs of our customers and striving for a good relationship with them.

Our customers’ satisfaction is really important for us.

That is why we provide a high quality galvanic work in short lead time to our customers.

Our philosophy

How else could we define our company’s philosophy as the pursuit of maximum and serviceability.
What else could be our job to provide the best of our professional knowledge to our customers who are confident that they made the best decision when they entrusted us with work.

What else could inspire us that we create and share new values.
What could cause us greater satisfaction as our partners turn to us with confidence.
This ambition forge us into a team, where all of our collegues work in this spirit.
High quality, beautiful coating! – for us is the fulfillment of our mission.

  • We believe that as a reliable partner we can establish long-term relationships with our customers.For our customers’ satisfaction, we always guarantee to fulfill the high quality work for the deadline.
  • We believe that our coatings are good and therefore the electroplated workpieces will not only be aesthetic, but also they will be precious through our work.
  • We believe that adequate qualifications and high quality service cause that our customers find a guaranteed satisfaction in the area of surface treatment.
  • We believe that value-based businesses must give something back to society. As a responsible galvanizing firm , we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and our ecological footprint.
  •  As an ethical company, we only work with subcontractors and suppliers who are familiar with the quality and environmental guidelines of Cromkontakt Galvánipari Ltd. and are judged to be compatible with our environmental policy.

Our goal is to preserve our more than 25 years of reputation . We strive to maintain this with our professional commitment and devoted work. For this sake, we constantly modernize and develop.

  • We continuously develope our external and internal communication, we share all the useful information with our colleagues.
  • We strive to improve the quality of our workflow by modernizing our equipments.
  • We provide professional training for our colleagues.
  • We constantly encourage our collegues to achiveve the highest quality goals.
  • In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers, we provide a controlled, uniformly high quality service.
  • Our company meets the strict state and international requirements.
  • Our long-term success’s basis is the conscious and responsible management of the resources.

Company history

2016: Tin electroplating technology was introduced
2015: Surface treatment of aluminium products was developed
2014: Technological innovation, the chrome 3 bath has been installed
2008: Technology innovation, barrel nickel electroplating began
2005: An electroplating workshop of European standards was opened
2004: He established an independent enterprise, Cromkontakt Galvánipari Kft. with his partners
2000-2004: Advisor of Reiko Bt.
– 2000: István Béki, a private entrepreneur, dealt with electroplating.

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István Béki,
executive director