Barrel nickel plating

Barrel plating is recommended for small parts (for example screws, and nuts). In case of hanging nickel plating method, the workpiece is not in contact with the electrolyte bath at the point of the attachment and at these points the workpiece does not get the required coating. In addition the barrel nickel plating is more economical, instead of the one by one hanging nickel plating.

We use immersion bells for barrel plating.

Barrel nickel plating

Merülőharangos tömegnikkelezésThe essence of the process is that the workpieces are placed in a bended plastic immersion bell after an extensive preparation. In the case of barrel plating, we put the bell into the galvanizing bath.  The anodes are located along the wall of the galvanization bath while the raw workpieces are in the bell.

Through the axle, the bell rotates at a low speed, and the workpieces have a continuous movement. This method ensures consistent layer thickness. We remove the bell from the electrolyte fluid by a rotating mechanism during unloading and charging. The workpieces remain in the bell while the electrolyte liquid returns to the galvanization bath through the perforation.

By further lifting the bell, workpieces can be take out during rotation. Then we rinse the finished workpieces and centrifuge them with hot air to dry.

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