Copper plating

Copper plating of workpieces

After copper plating

Workpieces that are also used outdoors are more exposed to weather conditions, and you have to consider temperature fluctuations or even strong condensation. To ensure the proper preservation of these tools and parts, our company recommends the coppernickelchrome coating system. The essence of this is that copper is used as a base layer, nickel is used as an intermediate layer and a chrome coating is applied to the workpiece as a last layer. This coating technology makes your objects more resistant to extreme conditions. As a first stage of technology, the workpiece receives an intermediate copper coating.

A copper plating is one of the most widespread electroplating process. It is used as a base coating for corrosion protection.

The resulting light red copper layer separated from cyanide electrolytes has a fine crystalline structure and forms a relatively hard coating. It is used to compensate major surface roughness.

On the surface of the electrolytically deposited copper, a thin oxide layer is formed in the air and is colored brownish black.

Copper plating – Main areas of application:

  • as a base layer for a steel substrate before applying a nickel layer,
  • as a base coating in a copper-nickel-chromium coating system,
  • when iron parts are electroplated.