Environmental protection

Hazardous waste management and disposal

Our galvanizing company cares about its natural and social environment, so the aspects of social responsibility are voluntarily enforced during our business activity. These aspects are also taken into account in our relations with our partners. We believe that value-based businesses must give something back to society. As a responsible galvanizing plant, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and our ecological footprint. As an ethical company, we only work with subcontractors and suppliers who are familiar with the quality and environmental guidelines of Cromkontakt Galvánipari Kft. and are judged to be compatible with our environmental policy.

Environmental protection with RoSH

One of the key pillars of our environmental policy is that our technology should be environmentally friendly, so we use a chrome 3 bath, which is a more environmentally friendly technology than traditional chroming. We are proud that the parts and workpieces coated by out company are in compliance with EU RoHS guidelines.

The most important issue of galvanizing is the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste and waste water. Therefore, the economical and selective treatment of galvanic flushing waters is of the utmost importance, since the useful materials can be recovered from them in each case. The useful materials rinsed from the workpieces are essential components of galvanic baths, thus the effluent water is returned to the baths. This way we also make up for the evaporation loss.

With this solution, rinse water is re-usable. After the first filling of the galvanizing bath, the amount of water used is minimized and the amount of chemicals to be made up for the galvanic baths is reduced.

Naturally, waste is generated even in this system. For example, mixed rinsing waters, drainage waters, wash waters, which can no longer be cleaned economically. However, their volume is only a fraction compared to the amount of waste water in a conventional cleaning system.

These wastes are collected in a separate container and then removed appropriately.

  Occupational health

We pay due attention not only to the natural environment but also to our colleagues.

Elköteleztük magunkat a környezetterhelés és az ökológiai lábnyomunk csökkentése mellett.We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and our ecological footprint.

An important work-related health aspect in the galvanizing plant is to maintain the right air condition of the workplace. This is ensured by a special air extraction and ventilation system.

The proper functioning of such systems is monitored by a regular workplace air condition test, and ambient air load is measured by an emissions test at the exit duct.

The exit duct as a point source is also authorized by the Environmental Protection Inspectorate and we also regularly measure the emission values.