Gallery of reviews

The quality we represent in electroplating is maintained by expert knowledge, precision and devotional work.

When our customers first experience the quality surplus we provide them, they are no longer willing to be satisfied with less.

The most proud we are when we receive true, heartfelt appreciations.


““We’ve been in contact with the company for four years now. Excellent communication and helpful staff. The company is characterized by reliability and accuracy. We are happy to cooperate with them.”
Ferenc Sz.


“Quality at affordable prices.”
Zsolt M.


““Thank you for the good quality, fair prices and short deadline. We are looking forward to future cooperation.”
Sankusz Kft.


““When I was looking for a contractor, Cromkontakt was the winner in every aspect, so I contacted them with my order. Cromkontakt fulfilled my order to my full satisfaction at the originally offered price, within the deadline assumed
and in excellent quality. I whole-heartedly recommend the company.”
András Balázs S.