Nickel plating

Nickel plating

Nickel as coating

Nickel plating is one of the most frequently used procedure for the corrosion protection of metals due to the outstanding corrosion resistance of nickel coating in both alkaline and slightly acidic conditions.
The material of the object to be protected is usually steel, zinc casting, copper and its alloys.
We use nickel coating for decorative purposes, however, its protective properties are also exceptional. It is also used as a stand-alone coating or an intermediary layer.
The resistance of nickel coating makes it a widely used preference. Highlights are its military and industrial applications. Nickel plating is often used in the electronics industry, while it is also present on the wall sockets in households. Passenger vehicles and telephones also regularly have nickel coating.

Benefits of nickel plating

  • Resistant surface in alkaline and slightly acidic conditions
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Uniform, glossy finish
  • Resistant to condensation and temperature fluctuation
  • Reflecting surface
  • Conductivity

Types of nickel plating

Nickel plating can be applied for decorative purposes. It can also be used for protective-decorative purposes when it is the intermediary layer in the triple copper-nickel-chrome plating solution. This lends the surface much stronger resistance to corrosion and environmental impacts.
Nickel coating solutions currently in use are the results of complex processes created during the evolution of nickel plating. It should be noted that working conditions are more sophisticated, at the same time the solutions and electrolytes are also more delicate. The parts demand more care and the process is also more cost intensive than for old nickel coating.

Nickel plating processes

Nickel plating may be barrel or hanging plating.

Nickel plating

Barrel nickel plating

Barrel plating is recommended for small parts (e.g. screws, nuts).

We use immersion bells for barrel plating.

Hanging nickel plating

The maximum size of workpieces for hanging plating are only limited by the dimensions of our 800 mm long, 500 mm high and 250 mm wide baths. We developed our electroplating tools to ensure easy handling and utilise the available space best to offer you a cost efficient solution.

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