Chroming of workpieces

A Galvanic chrome coating, i.e., chrome plating can be used for workpieces requiring a non-corrosive surface, and since the shininess of the nickel coating is transient, decorative coating is also important. Chrome plating deposited by galvanization is wear-resistant, has a good resistance to corrosion and oxidizing materials by forming a thin oxide layer on the surface, which reduces corrosion. The chromium coating has a good resistance to the corrosive effect of gases, acids, salts, and alkali liquors.

We use decorative chroming.

A thin chromium layer is deposited – usually on an intermediate nickel layer for decorative chroming applications. Plating has a dual role here: it reduces the matting of the nickel layer thus retaining its shininess and increasing corrosion resistance. The result is an attractive, glossy finish resistant to outdoor temperature fluctuation and condensation. The chrome (III) plating technology is environmentally friendly and contains no carcinogens. It provides a more even coverage and conforms to EU RoHS directives,which are increasingly required in galvanic plants.

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